Store & Forward

When you are serious about data collection, you need a solution that guarantees no data loss.

Never worry about losing your data again

Your data is valuable, and you can’t afford to lose any of it.  Canary knows this and developed a system that leverages store and forward technology.  That means wherever Canary is logging data, it is also caching data.

Since Canary store and forward technology is built on the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) framework, you can take confidence in knowing your data is secure during transmission.

Should your connection to the Canary database be interrupted due to unreliable networks or server upgrades, the logger will write all data to local disk automatically.  As soon as the network connection returns, your locally buffered data backfills to the database without you having to do a thing.  Best of all, your system admins will be made aware this is happening!

By installing the Canary Collector local to the data source, you can leverage store and forward technology.

Redundancy is Key, Redundancy Is Key

The benefits of store and forward technology go beyond just securing your data, especially when combined with Canary’s philosophy of unlicensed data collection. Since the Sender Service is free to install as many times as you like, you have the capabilities to use store and forward technology wherever it benefits you.  Increase your system’s robustness by using store and forward to create redundant logging sessions, as well as to capture hard to reach data that sits on the edge with limited network connectivity.

Additionally, each Sender Session can target multiple Receiver Services allowing you to log data to multiple Canary Historians from a single data feed.  Now, you can easily send data to a local site historian as well as a corporate historian without adding any complexity.  Challenged by a DMZ or bi-directional data restrictions? Canary’s Sender Service can also work as a proxy server ensuring data travels in a single direction.