Data Collectors

Connect to all of your devices, PLCs, and SCADA solutions.

Canary's Data Collectors

Your organization likely has many different devices, PLCs, and systems that are all producing data.  You will be able to capture and store all this process data using Canary’s Data Collectors.

Canary supports the following data protocols:

  • OPC DA
  • OPC UA
  • MQTT Sparkplug B

Additionally, Canary can collect data from:

  • Ignition SCADA
  • CygNet SCADA
  • Tatsoft SCADA
  • SQL databases
  • CSV files
  • Manual data entry

Additional data collection capability is made possible through Canary's open and unlicensed .NET and Web APls.

No Licensing Headaches. Canary never licenses any of its data collectors so you can deploy them anywhere, as often as you wish! Our goal is to stay flexible, allowing you to decide which logging architecture works best for your organization. Another benefit is you won't have to worry about logging redundancy negatively impacting your bottom line.

MQTT Sparkplug B Makes It So Easy

Without a doubt, there is no faster way to move data from your organization into the Canary System than using MQTT Sparkplug B. The Canary Sparkplug B connector allows you to subscribe to MQTT topics, filter which tags you wish to historize, and will auto-discover any new tags that get added to your topic subscriptions. Canary strongly believes that MQTT Sparkplug B will solve a lot of infrastructure issues and empower organizations in transforming their operations. Canary is proud to be an active member of the Eclipse Foundation and participates in the ongoing development of the Eclipse TAHU Sparkplug B Specification.

You Down With OPC?

Yeah, you know me.... and not just OPC DA, but OPC UA as well! An industry standard since the early 90's, Canary served on the OPC Advisory Board to help define the specification. Still a client favorite, nearly 85% of Canary's legacy install base leverages OPC DA as their protocol of choice.

Log Data Directly from Ignition

Canary provides multiple options to collect data from an Ignition gateway. From their own custom module that passes data back and forth between Ignition and the Historian, to additional third-party developed modules, you have multiple options. You can download modules, and learn more about your options by reading 'Connecting Canary to Ignition: available options and features'.

SQL and .CSV File Logging

A lot of operations currently have an SQL database or .CSV files they would like to convert data from. Canary has a free solution to do either. The SQL collector can convert existing SQL historic databases or monitor new inserts into existing tables and import them into the Canary System.  Additionally, Canary offers a utility that can actively convert .CSV files and upload the data into the Canary System.

CygNet SCADA History Made Simple

CygNet SCADA systems all benefit from making the data within them more robust and simpler for reporting purposes.  Canary has just the solution with its custom built CygNet data collector. Using the existing CygNet historian, all Facilities and UDCs are captured, including configured Point attributes.

Both live data values and the current historical record are easily converted to the Canary Historian, providing real performance and data access for the entire team.

Build Your Own Connections

You can use the Canary APIs to develop your own custom data collectors. Since both the .NET and Web API are available without requiring any licensing, you can create as many custom connections as you need. Canary provides detailed documentation for the Web API as well as support as you develop.