Excel Add-In

Connect your team to the Canary System data with a tool everyone knows.

From Canary to Microsoft in Just a Few Clicks

Move data directly from the Canary Historian into Microsoft Excel with the Excel Add-in.  Easily query raw data for set periods of time, or aggregate data into time buckets for easy analysis of the sample.

Additionally, create ad hoc event analysis by applying condition-based rules to raw data from ranges of time.  For instance, look at the previous week and find assets that had lower than typical flows while having a subnormal valve position.

Fast Last Known Value Look-ups

Use the Last Value function to pull the last known data for large lists of tags.  Not only will you receive the last written value into the Historian, but you will also pull the corresponding time stamp as well as the quality score.

Aggregates Galore

When using the Processed Data function, you can transform raw data values into aggregated process values.  Simply select your tags, choose a date and time range, pick your aggregate, and finally establish a time interval. For instance, you can find a tag's average value every 30 minutes for the last two weeks.  Or, perhaps you would rather know the maximum value of a tag every 15 minutes for the current day.  With the processed data tool, you have more than 30 aggregates you can use.  

Some of these include:

  • Average
  • Minimum
  • Maximum
  • Start Bound
  • End Bound
  • Delta
  • Range
  • Count
  • Number of Transitions
  • Total
  • Duration State Zero
  • Duration State Nonzero
  • Worst Quality
  • Best Quality
  • Standard Deviation
  • Variance
  • and more...