The Canary System

Collect & Store Data

Collect data from all of your devices and store it with confidence.

We Help You Manage Massive Amounts of Data

Considering most operations have thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of data points, how you collect and store your data is vitally important to your success.

The Canary Historian

All your data is securely stored in Canary’s time series database, the Canary Historian.  It sets the standard for database performance, scalability, and compression.

Historian Specs

Data Collectors

Your organization has many different devices, PLCs, and systems producing data.  You will be able to capture and store all this process data using Canary’s Data Collectors.

Data Collectors

Store & Forward

Stop worrying about losing vital data. Canary utilizes store & forward technology to ensure even the sketchiest network will deliver all of your data values, every single time.

Store & Forward