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Most companies are spending too much money on their data historians. Don’t be like most companies. Join the over 18,000 Canary users that refuse to overpay for data software.

Pay less, get more. What's the Catch?

It would seem that if you’re paying less for your data solution, you’re probably getting less in return, right?
Wrong. And here's why... read more
At Canary we don’t operate our company the same way as our competitors. As other companies get more bloated, adding layer after layer of business complexity and overhead, we’ve focused on the product and how we add features that serve our users well. 
We believe that when you take care of the customer, they take care of you. That’s the attitude that has served us well for over 30 years and that is the attitude that will continue to guide us for the next 30 years.
There is no need to overspend on a data historian. With Canary, you get to focus more resources on maximizing your operation.

how to Buy

Three questions you need to answer.
1. Your Server or Ours
Decide who will host your system.  Install Canary in your data center, or choose a SaaS model, sending your data to the Canary Cloud.
2. Number of Tags
Your Canary system includes 100 tags. You may choose to add tags as you need them or purchase an unlimited tag solution.
3. Number of Clients
Each system includes unlimited client tools for data collection and one client license for reading data from Canary.  Add more as needed.

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If you're storing 40,000+ tags, an unlimited tag plan saves you money!
If you're storing 40,000+ tags, talk to a Canary expert for a custom quote.
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from our customers

“Canary software is very easy to use and very intuitive; we use it throughout the company, from Operations to Administration.”
Mike Tufts
Control & SCADA Supervisor, City of Boca Raton
“The Canary software is intuitive and requires very little training. Our employees and managers could use the software with very little help.”
Scott Pisarski
Project Manager, East West Power Renewable Corporation 
“This is the best data historian I have ever worked with.”
Andrew Chambers
Technical Lead, Mangan Inc.  

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