The Data Historian That
Never Cuts Corners

Edge, Site, Enterprise, Cloud...
Canary seamlessly connects your organization.
Collect Process Data
Make Better Decisions
Improve Your Process

Most Historians Do Only One Of these well:

Securely collect process data from edge and IIoT devices.
Make real-time data a reality for your production team.
Clearly see the story your assets are telling with contextualized data.
Integrate the data with your favorite applications and platforms.
Stop being restricted by outdated technology.
Canary does all of this and more at a price that's fair.

Future-Proof Your Data

Get a powerful system that seamlessly connects and scales to meet your demands. Enable cutting-edge IIoT solutions to revolutionize your operation.

Work better Together

Deliver critical, real-time data to the production team. They do their job best when information is easy to access and apply.

Get a Faster ROI

Canary is quick to deploy, has a small learning curve, and is fairly priced. All this adds up to your best bottom line.

Canary Just Works

An industrial time series database designed to make using your process data easy.

part 1

Collect & Store Your Data

Collect data from all of your devices and store it with loss-less compression.
part 2

Assign Context to Your Data

Transform your complex data into clear, easy to understand information.
part 3

Maximize Your Operation

Analyze your operational health on any device and make better decisions.

A sidekick to the best.

Since 1985, we've been committed to developing a system with best-in-class security and functionality. With over 19,000 Canary installations, million tag enterprise historian solutions, and installs in 60+ countries, you can count on Canary to help you get your job done right.

from our customers

“Upgrading our legacy Canary system from the 90's was so easy. Our entire team is in love with Axiom's reporting options. The UI is stunning, a complete bullseye!”
Eduard de Baat
Senior Process Engineer, BASF
“Canary software is very easy to use and very intuitive; we use it throughout the company, from Operations to Administration.”
Mike Tufts
Control & SCADA Supervisor, City of Boca Raton
“The Canary software is intuitive and requires very little training. Our employees and managers could use the software with very little help.”
Scott Pisarski
Project Manager, East West Power Renewable Corporation 
“This is the best data historian I have ever worked with.”
Andrew Chambers
Technical Lead, Mangan Inc.  

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