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Axiom display with limits and overlapping ranges


Maximize your data historian by analyzing process data in the most advanced trending software available. Innovative, easy to use, and feature rich, Axiom will transform your ability to trend process data and gather knowledge from your data historian.

AxiomTrend™ Features

Ad Hoc Trends

Axiom browse dialog for adding ad hoc trends

Add or remove trends quickly using our browse dialog to pick which trends you want to view.

Calculated Trends

Axiom dialog for adding calculated trends

Use standard calculator operations to add a calculated trend based on one or more trends.

Link Scales/Bands

Axiom chart with scales/bands linked

Link scales of two or more trends so their data is displayed between the same ranges. Link bands to overlap trends.

Limit Lines

Axiom chart with limit lines defined for trends

Set limit lines for a trend. Use limits to draw a horizontal line across the screen, to fill in space between a limit and the trend, or to change the color of the trend.

Value Cursor

Axiom chart with value cursor display values of trends

Use your cursor to hover over the chart and view the values as you move your mouse.


Axiom chart with zoom initialized

Quickly zoom in on a range of data to examine it more closely.

AxiomView™ Features


Axiom gauge widget to display real-time trend values

Use circular or linear gauges to display values. Multiple ranges can be used on circular gauges.


Axiom symbol to represent information in a dashboard

Use symbols to build HMI like screens. Symbols can change color based on trend values.

Value Boxes

Axiom value box to show real-time trend values

Use value boxes to display current values. Limits can be set to change the font or background colors.


Axiom dashboard display with many widgets

Panels, Tables, Buttons, Tabs, Date Pickers, List Boxes, and Text Boxes are a few more controls you could use in your displays.

Deployment Architecture


Deploy Axiom as an HTML5 application, desktop application, or both.


Axiom runs on a centralized server to simplify management, deployment, and licensing.


Use ClickOnce to perform updates automatically for desktop clients.


Use HTTPS for browser clients and windows/username credentials for desktop clients.

Axiom FAQs

Q: What is the difference between AxiomTrend™ and AxiomView™?
A: AxiomTrend can only be used as a trend tool. AxiomView is an extension of AxiomTrend and can be used for trending and displaying information in AxiomView controls.
Q: Can AxiomView™ use scripting to perform actions or convert values?
A: Yes. AxiomView applications can use scripting to accomplish a variety of tasks. Scripts can convert values, change source tags for widgets or Axiom trends, load other screens, and more. Scripting language is C#.
Q: Can I share chart files?
A: Yes. Charts can be stored in public, private, and read-only directories. When charts are stored in the public directory everyone will have access to them.
Q: Can I prevent charts from being changed?
A: Yes. Charts can be stored in public, private, and read-only directories. Charts in the read-only directory can only be changed by administrators.
Q: What is ClickOnce?
A: ClickOnce is a deployment technology that can be used to automatically update applications. ClickOnce points to repository that contains the install for the desktop application. When the desktop application is started it will check if a newer version is available and automatically update itself.

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