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System Integrators

Product Features

System Integrators find time and time again that our products are:


Sub second data is no match for our software. We feature speeds up to 3 million data points per second.


Both you and your client will love our simple and easy to use interface. Training and implementation can occur in less than two hours.


Whether large or small, we have a solution for your client. Monitor anywhere from ten tags to twenty-five million tags!


Clients will appreciate the cost savings of our solutions. You will too. Ask about our System Integrator discounts!


Canary Labs historian product on monitor
Our data historian software is used in applications ranging from 100 tags to over 25 million tags, demonstrating scalability and performance without the need for special computing hardware. It has the capability to store more than 1 million samples with timestamps, values, and qualities (TVQs) per second, easily meeting the requirements of high speed applications. Our Historian can obtain data from many data sources, allowing easy access via one central and easy to use interface.
Our Logger provides connectivity to a wide variety of measurement devices via OPC DA, file processing and SQL. As the data is collected, the Logger caches it locally in the event of a communication outage. When the data is received and stored in the Enterprise Historian, it’s made available to your client applications via Web Services, ODBC, OPC UA, OPC HDA and API. These options enable your users to view data in clients ranging from Excel to custom in-house solutions.
The Mirror product provides customers with the ability to transport real-time and snap shot images of data from a primary historian to a secondary historian. The secondary historian can be on the same network but installed on a separate PC for disaster recovery purposes or the data could be transported via the web to a facility at another physical location.


Axiom trends on a laptop Canary Labs Axiom product on a laptop
Axiom is an intuitive and easy to use data analysis client. It visually transforms your process data, allowing your clients to improve their processes, increase quality and enhance operational efficiency. It empowers operators, engineers, and managers to use a common analytical tool for viewing both real-time and historical process data anywhere at any time. Axiom makes data visualization easy. View, analyze, and report trend information simply and quickly in the format you want. Trends are delivered to either a rich desktop as a standard application or in a browser as a web application.
Axiom builds on the solid foundation of our legacy trend products, delivering a next generation client/server solution. Axiom is designed as an enterprise level product capable of delivering the rich content desired by today’s diverse user community. Built around a server oriented architecture, it reduces the total cost of ownership over the life of the implementation. Using standard Web Services, it supports multiple connected Enterprise Historians and presents the data in a rich graphical manner to desktops, browsers (local and remote) and mobile devices.
Axiom has the functionality of the legacy Trend Link product but rather than being an application which must be installed on the desktop, Axiom is a thin client that is installed with ClickOnce technology that performs updates automatically. The system architecture is flexible enough to support a mixture of client platforms. Whether the client is a mobile device or a desktop the user experience is identical, reducing your cost to develop and deploy content.

System Integrators Love Us Because

  • Our products are easy to manage and deploy
  • We produce intuitive software that allows for quick training
  • Maintenance is simple and straightforward
  • We offer generous commissions and help protect your client relationships

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