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Power Utilities/Renewable Energy

The power utilities/renewable energy industry can be classified as any industry dealing with the production or distribution of electricity for consumer use. A few examples of power utilities/renewable energy industries that could benefit from using our products are: Coal, Hydro-Electric, Nuclear, Solar, and Wind. See how the following companies have benefited from using our products.

  • Cambria Cogeneration Company

    Cambria Cogeneration Company is one of 13 plants owned by Nothern Star Generation for power generation and energy production. The plant uses waste coal as it's primary fuel. By burning waste coal the plant helps eliminate acid water runoff in the area and the ash it produces is used to restore the landscape.

    Cambria Cogen began using our products in 1998 and the system has grown in use over the years. It is especially helpful to the engineers at the plant when they are troubleshooting problems. The data collected is also used to help calculate Megawatt sales.

  • Cordova Electric Cooperative

    Cordova Electric Cooperative is the sole provider of electricity to approximately 1600 customers in the coastal community of Cordova, Alaska. Cordova Electric produces up to 60% of Cordova’s electricity from the Power Creek Hydroelectric Project.

    Cordova Electricity uses our Historian and trending tools to analyze power factor, voltage drop, load balance, and other factors critical to their operations. Cordova began by storing data for approximately 500 tags. With our Historian and trending tools they were able to mine the data for information such as the interior and exterior plant temperatures, turbine bearing temperatures, generator winding temperatures, power output and system frequency data, the status of electrical distribution system feeders, plant station service voltages, dam intake structure water elevations, penstock pressures, and more.

    The cost of automating their two hydroelectric plants was $750k and they estimate that they were able to recover that cost within three years. Our software is a key component contributing toward the savings derived from the automated system. Examples of cost savings include access to raw data for engineering studies and evaluations, preventative maintenance, and emergency maintenance.

  • Energy Producer

    A large renewable energy customer has the capacity to provide approximately 50k Megawatts to nearly 1/3 of the U.S. population. They are a pioneer in developing smarter energy choices.

    Our products were deployed as a solution to help make sense their data. They are collecting data from the power grid and smart meters, and combining it with external data parameters such as weather, temperatures, and other local conditions. As utilities get more sophisticated data analytics will become more important.

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