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Metals & Materials

The metals & materials industry can be categorized as industries that convert raw materials into intermediary substances that will later be used by other industries to create a finished product. A few examples of metals & materials industries that are currently using our products are: Cement/Concrete, Forging Foundries, Metal Finishing, and Steel Mills. See how the following companies have benefited from using our products.

  • Mountain Cement

    Mountain Cement produces portland cement used in Wyoming and across the West for the construction of roads, bridges, buildings, energy services, and residential construction. They also own and operate several limestone, shale, and gypsum quarries.

    In 2003, Mountain Cement implemented an automated control system for the cement manufacturing operations. During this process they installed our Historian and trending tools to help their operators with production. They also use our products to generate reports to meet their environmental emissions control needs. Mountain Cement has been pleased with the results and our software quickly became popular among the operators.

  • North Star BlueScope Steel

    North Star is a flat steel producer for the domestic Australian, New Zealand, and North American markets. They are a leading international supplier of steel products and solutions found in the global building and construction industry.

    North Star has been using our products since 1996. Using our Historian, they are able to capture high speed data at 200 millisecond resolution. They can then use our trending tools to verify product quality. Our products also give them the ability to quickly troubleshoot problems in the mill to prevent a sequence of breaks to their processes. It has been estimated that Canary Lab’s products save the plant approximately $200k each year.

  • Nucor Steel Gallatin

    With a production capacity that exceeds 26 million tons, Nucor is the largest producer of steel in the United States. They are also the largest metals recycler in the western hemisphere.

    Nucor has implemented our products in several areas of their plant with extensive usage in the caster shop and the melt shop. The plant’s fixed costs are $20,000 per hour. Since our products save the plant approximately 50 hours per year with fast troubleshooting, it can be estimated that our products save Nucor $1 million per year.

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