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Manufacturing is the production of merchandise using labor and machines where raw materials are converted into quality finished goods. A few examples of manufacturing industries that are currently using our products are: Chemicals, Doors & Windows, Foods, Glass, Medical Equipment, Plastics, Pump & Paper, and Tobacco. See how the following companies have benefited from using our products.

  • Cheese Company

    A large cheese company in the Great Lakes region of the United States manufactures, processes, and packages cheese for shipment all over the United States.

    To properly produce cheese, the operators need the ability to monitor various temperatures, pressures, utilities, and production numbers. The cheese company was previously using an outdated trending application. Their old trending application was hard to use, did not perform adequately, and was making their production process difficult. Using their old trending application, it was also hard for the day shift to troubleshoot problems that occurred during the nightly operations.

    After switching to our Historian and trending tools the cheese company is now very happy. They now have the ability to quickly create and store charts that trend specific key performance indicators (KPI‘s). They are also able to trend values that they were previously unable to. Our products have saved the cheese company operators time, and given them the ability to know what is happening in different areas of the plant.

    We have come a long way in a short amount of time just in diagnosing problems. I am very happy with the product. Various people with different responsibilities can look at the trend charts and see things like what the air temperature in the processing room was last night. Why did it get cold? Which valves were opened and closed at certain times?

    Instrumentation Coordinator

  • World Kitchen

    World Kitchen is an American kitchenware products maker and distributor. World Kitchen is comprised of the brands Corelle, Pyrex, CorningWare, Chicago Cutlery, Baker‘s Secret, and Snapware.

    Monitoring production is very important to World Kitchen. They use our Historian to store production data and our trending tools to monitor production in real-time. Our trending tools also give them the ability to compare production batches and prevent anomalies that can occur over time. World Kitchen has been using our products for more than 15 years and have been extremely satisfied with the results.

  • Philip Morris

    Philip Morris is a large Tobacco company that produces 6 of the world’s top 15 international cigarette brands. They are best known for manufacturing Marlboro cigarettes.

    Maintaining a high standard of product quality is of critical importance to Philip Morris. If production lines are not closely monitored to achieve a high level of product quality, large batches of finished products could fail final inspection and result in lost profit. By using our Historian to store production data, Philip Morris is able to closely monitor real-time production using our trending tools. They can also compare historical trends to the live processes. Our products help Philip Morris ensure optimal product quality and efficiency.

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